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City of Toronto Government Survey Map

City of Toronto Government Survey Map

PLAN OF THE CITY OF TORONTO showing THE GOVERNMENT SURVEY and the Registered SUBDIVISION into LOTS, according to plans filed in the Office of the City Registrar. Compiled and drawn from surveys made expressly for the purpose by H. J. BROWNE under the direction of J. O. BROWNE CIVIL ENGINEER AND P.L. SURVEYOR. 1862. FULLER & BENCKE LITH. TORONTO.

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“This map shows the great increase in subdivided land as a result of the boom years of the 1850s. Building lagged well behind subdivision, however, and many of the lots shown here were still vacant decades later.

This type of plan, known as a “compiled plan” first appeared in the 1850s. It was put together from the official plans in the Registry Office, and was very helpful- to speculators, builders, and ordinary citizens trying to locate lots.

Only the major buildings in the city are shown and, as before, they are mainly churches, banks, and institutions.”

– Isobel Ganton & Joan Winearls, MAPPING TORONTO’S FIRST CENTURY 1787 – 1884

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