Online Custom Printing in Toronto

Payment for orders can be completed by e-transfer or credit card over the phone.

Alternative Arts offers custom printing of your digital files on many surfaces including canvas, acrylic, and photo paper.

Use the form below to calculate an instant price quote and upload your file(s) to Alternative Arts for printing.

Step 1. Choose Your Size and Format

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Select Material Price Minimum Charge
Stretched Canvas $30.00 sq/ft $40
Matte Paper $7.00 sq/ft $15
Photo Paper $9.00 sq/ft $15
Acrylic $50.00 sq/ft $55
Aluminum $55.00 sq/ft $55
Pre-payment is required before your order will be processed. We will contact you to arrange your pre-payment.

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Step 3. Upload Your File for Printing

The following file formats are accepted: JPG, GIF, PNG, PDF, PSD

Please ensure your files are at the highest resolution possible for the best results.

You upload files one at a time, but after the first upload the form will reload with your customer information automatically filled in.

Click the "Choose File" button to locate the file on your computer or device.

Large files may take up to a minute to upload. Please stay on this page until a confirmation message is shown.