Custom Framing, Custom Printing, and Custom Mounting and Laminating in Downtown Toronto

We frame on-site and also offer alternatives to framing including canvas transfers and custom mounting and laminating.

We print on-site using our two large format printers capable of printing up to 54 inches wide.

Situated in Toronto in the heart of the Annex on Bloor Street near Brunswick, Alternative Arts has been providing quality custom framing, custom mounting and laminating, canvas transfers, and custom printing for over 20 years.


Custom Framing

Our knowledgeable sales staff prides itself on being up to date with framing design trends and new products and materials. Whether framing a cherished family photograph, your children’s art work, a diploma, autographed memorabilia or an original work of art, our experienced framers use the utmost care.

We offer conservation framing so that your treasured pieces will last a lifetime. With hundreds of wood and metal moldings to choose from we can help design framing options that not only work well with the piece you are framing, but will compliment your own style and decor.


All our materials are acid free and guaranteed not to harm your cherished pieces. We also offer shadowbox framing for special objects and fabrics as well as custom float frames for canvasses.

We are happy to provide you with a variety of options in order to fit your budget and style.

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Custom Mounting and Laminating

Custom Mounting and Lamination is a contemporary and affordable alternative to traditional framing, designed to enhance and protect a wide range of prints.

Plak-mount, float-mount, and flush-mount lamination are an attractive, sleek and frameless option for displaying all your documents such as certificates and awards, as well as your posters, prints and almost any size photo, map, commercial art and point-of-sale and merchandising material.


Mounting and laminating permanently protects your print or document from fading and scratches. Your prints and documents are dry-mounted to a specially-selected, custom-cut wood and protected by a non-glare, transparent laminate that’s heat sealed under pressure for a tough, durable easy-to-clean finish.

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Canvas Transfers

Canvas transfers involve taking an image on paper and transferring it onto canvas fabric. A regular fine art print becomes a museum piece or art when you transfer it onto canvas.


The canvasses are stretched and finished, providing a light-weight, easy-to-clean, and easy-to-hang finished piece.

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Custom Printing

Looking for custom printing in Toronto? We print your digital photos, posters, and artwork – even digital files found on the Internet.

Custom Printing in Toronto

We print on-site using our two, large format printers capable of printing up to 54 inches wide. You can have your photos, posters, or other artwork printed directly onto canvas for lightweight, waterproof, ready-to-hang, and easy-to-clean works of art. Other on-site printing options include premium matte paper, photo luster paper, Somerset velvet art paper and adhesive linen.

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Your Photos on Canvas

Print your photos on canvas and turn them into beautiful wall art with our custom canvas printing service. Photos printed on canvas are lightweight, waterproof, ready-to-hang, and easy-to-clean.

Print Your Photos on Canvas

We take your digital photos (yes, even your iPhone photos!) and custom print them on canvas at any size up to as wide as 54 inches.

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Custom Poster Printing

Our custom poster printing let’s you create your own a custom poster in almost any size.

We will print your own posters for special occasions, trade shows, conferences, or window advertising. Bring us your digital images (posters, photos, artwork, scans) and we will print them on-site in any size up to 54 inches wide.

Custom Poster Printing in Toronto

Choose from Matte Paper, Photo Paper, Art Paper, Adhesive Linen, and Canvas.

Found a poster image online and want it printed? We do that too!

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Printing on Acrylic

Printing on acrylic is a great way to vividly enhance any image. Prints and photos on acrylic make colours especially pop and come to life. They come with an attached sub-frame which creates a clean, contemporary finished look. They make a great focal points for any area.

Printing on Acrylic

Come visit us to see a few samples of printing on acrylic to get a better idea of how printing on acrylic makes for vivid, stunning works of art.

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Printing on Aluminum

Give your prints and photos a sleek, modern look by printing them on aluminum.

“>Printing on Aluminum

Not every image is right for printing on aluminum, so stop by and show us the image you are thinking of having printed on aluminum and we’ll help you find the right printing solution.

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