Printing on Aluminum in Toronto

Printing on Aluminum

Give your prints and photos a sleek, modern look by printing them on aluminum.

You can upload your digital file here or bring your digital files in to our Toronto location on a USB key, CD, DVD, or other digital format.

Features of Printing on Aluminum:

  • Printed on 1/8 in. brushed silver aluminum
  • Rich, iridescent sheen
  • Vivid colour, no bubbles—easy to clean
  • Backed with solid, durable board for durability and protection against moisture and handling
  • Frameless floatmount on back

Printing on Aluminum

Not every image is right for printing on aluminum, so stop by and show us the image you are thinking of having printed on aluminum and we’ll help you find the right printing solution.

Printing on Aluminum Sub-frame

Printing on Aluminum Pricing

Printing on aluminum is priced at $50/ square foot with a minimum charge of $50.

Here are a few standard sizes to give you an idea of the cost of printing your prints and photos on aluminum:


Size Price
8 x 10 Inches $50
11 x 14 Inches $55
16 x 20 Inches $110
24 x 36 Inches $300