Printing on Canvas in Toronto

Print your photos, posters, prints, artwork, and other visuals on canvas and turn them into beautiful wall art with our custom canvas printing service.

Canvas printed images are lightweight, waterproof, ready-to-hang, and easy-to-clean.

Print Your Photos on Canvas

We take your digital images (yes, even your iPhone photos!) and custom print them on canvas at any size up to as wide as 54 inches.

We print on-site with our world-class, large-format printer and your photos are expertly hand-stretch for hanging on your wall or for custom framing in any of our beautiful frames.

You can upload your digital file here or bring your digital files in to our Toronto location on a USB key, CD, DVD, or other digital format.

Custom Canvas Printing Prices:


Canvas $25.00 sq/ft $40 minimum
Unstretched Canvas $15.00 sq/ft $25 minimum

Here are a few standard sizes to give you an idea of pricing for printing your photos on canvas:

Size Stretched Canvas
8 x 10 Inches $40.00
11 x 14 Inches $40.00
16 x 20 Inches $56.00
24 x 36 Inches $150.00

Bring your images into the shop on a USB key, CD, DVD, or other digital format or click here to email us your images and get a quote on turning them into beautiful canvas prints.